The goal of Graanul Invest´s bioprocesses direction is to develop new generation sugars and high purity lignin from lower quality wood using innovative processes. Our strategic goal is to develop into Europe’s leading producer of biomass-based biochemicals and biomaterials.

As a result of years of development, we are now building a flagship plant that utilises wood fractionation technology, which allows more than 90% of the wood to be converted into useful biomaterials. The demo plant is located in Imavere in Estonia, next to our Imavere pellet plant.

Graanul Biotech (subsidiary of of Graanul Invest Group, owned 100% by AS Graanul Invest) is a private company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia that is dedicated for the advancement of bio-based economy.

SWEETWOODS project is establishing a first-of-a-kind wood fractionation demo plant in Estonia that uses sustainable hardwood biomass as raw input material.

We aim to demonstrate for the first time, on an industrial scale, how novel pre-treatment technology in combination with innovative enzymatic solutions will provide sugar recovery levels of over 90% and exceptionally high-quality lignin.

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VEHICLE aims to widen the business and market opportunities of existing and future biorefineries by demonstrating the applicability of their sugar streams in several downstream options.

The main goals for this project are to demonstrate valorization of dilute hemicellulose-rich prehydrolysate streams from pulp mills, which are currently waste streams with little value.

The aim of REWOFUEL project is to convert currently poorly valorised softwood residues into second-generation renewable isobutene for subsequent conversion into gasoline and jetfuel.

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