Graanul Invest has been installing combined heat and power plants next to its pellet plants since 2012, Graanul Investi tehasedwhich has resulted in a remarkable increase in the company’s energy generation capacity.

Graanul Invest Group plans to build combined heat and power plants next to all pellet factories.

Combined heat and power plants (CHPs) are biomass-based units that generate heat and power at the same time, which we then use to supply our pellet plants as well as the local network.

We obtain the majority of the wood bark from the debarking lines of pellet plants but we also buy the material left over in the timber industry.

The heat from CHPs is directed to pellet plants, where it is used to dry the production material.

The produced power covers the energy needs of all the CHPs as well as the electricity demands of our six pellet plants. The remainder is sold to the local electricity grid as renewable energy.