Quality and environmental policy

The operating policy of Graanul Invest Group companies is focused on the quality and volume of the product, all the while making sure that our clients continue relying on us as a trustworthy and secure partner. Our business aims are based on principles — highest quality product, minimum environmental impact, best energy performance in production and safest labour environment.



We produce product corresponding to all market and customer requirements and guarantee consistent and timely deliveries. We take into account all criticism and proposals from our clients and stakeholders.



We cooperate, insofar as possible, only with such partners that operate according to the same quality, environment, energy performance and labour safety principles as we do. We only use suppliers who comply with the sustainable forestry standards and supply conforming products.



We only use the most qualified personnel throughout our operations. We educate our employees about the environmental aspects of our activities as well as train them in safe and energy-efficient used or equipment, resources and time.



We ensure that all binding environmental, occupational health, energy management and labour safety regulations and requirements are followed. We maintain an effective organisational management system - the knowledge of our employees is an important measure for achieving efficiency. We regularly monitor our environmental emissions as well as energy and resource efficiency to improve our company’s economic performance and ecological footprint.

 We plan energy performance improvements and ensure the sufficient information and resources to reach our energy performance targets.

We provide and ensure a safe labour environment and create healthy working conditions for all employees and visitors.

Upon making new decisions, we continuously evaluate their impact on labour safety, environment and energy performance, always opting in favour of improvement.



The management decides on short and long term goals based or company’s core values and performance indicators. Constant monitoring of results and regular reviewing of goals ensures continuous improvement.



Corruption risk mitigation is an inseparable part of our operations. Through raising awareness, contractual relations, electronic payments and constant auditing we have achieved a due-diligence system that leaves no room for any unethical conduct in our value chain.