Giving back to society

Võrkpalli toetaja Graanul Invest

All the activities of Graanul Invest Group - bioenergy and biotechnology development, forestry, and renewable energy - are forward-looking solutions. That is why the Group’s support activities are largely focused on supporting young people as our future. We have decided to contribute to the development of youth sports, education and research. 

In the case of support activities, we are primarily focused on the interests of the local community and what the favourite activities are in the given region. As team sports have become popular among young people, we are supporters of several youth basketball, volleyball and football clubs.

Many Group subsidiaries have developed their own areas of support that they cheer for wholeheartedly and offer longer-term financial support. 

In Estonia  and Latvia, Graanul Invest Group is the main sponsor of volleyball youth teams and national men´s team.