28. September 2020

Karo Mets became the gold sponsor of the Selver Tallinn volleyball team

Karo Mets, a forestry company belonging to the Graanul Invest group, and Selver Tallinn signed a cooperation agreement before the team’s home game on Saturday (26 September) by which Karo Mets became the gold sponsor of the team’s 2020/2021 volleyball season.

Graanul Invest group has been a long-time supporter of volleyball, being the main sponsor of Estonian youth and men’s national volleyball teams. Karo Mets, a member of the group, decided to support Tallinn Selver’s activities and help the top Estonian volleyball players prepare for the 2021 European Championship.

‘Next year, Estonia will be one of the host nations of the final tournament of the European Volleyball Championship, which is why it is crucial that our top players have the opportunity to have a strong club season,’ said Jaano Haidla, Member of the Board of Graanul Invest group. According to Haidla, the main reason for offering cooperation is the desire to strengthen the Estonian Champions’ League and give Selver Tallinn the best conditions for training and competitions.

‘For decades, Karo Mets has provided support to forest owners in regenerating and managing forests, helping to keep our forests viable and healthy. Now, we want to offer the same support to volleyball players, so that Estonian volleyball could be stronger than ever,’ said Jaano Haidla.

‘Like Selver Tallinn, Karo Mets also wants a bright future for our children and youth. In addition to hobby groups and the representative team, almost 800 children and young people play volleyball in the Selver Tallinn youth system, which makes a total of about 1,000 volleyball enthusiasts and athletes. It is an impressive number and we are extremely happy to be able to promote volleyball in Tallinn and the whole of Harju County with a partner whose way of thinking and worldview coincides with ours,’ said Kert Rang, the newly appointed manager of Selver Tallinn volleyball team.

Karo Mets is a sustainable forest management company with long experience in forestry. The company belongs to the Graanul Invest group which operates in the field of bioenergy and renewable energy production, forestry, and biomaterials development.

The contract was signed by throwing signed volleyballs