22. October 2020

Raul Kirjanen elected Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association

Raul Kirjanen, Chairman of the Management Board of Graanul Invest AS, was elected Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association. According to the new chairman, the forest and timber sector has great potential in light of the European Green Deal.

‘We need to work to ensure that the general quality of Estonian forests improves, that our forest and wood industry is internationally competitive, and that we are able to sufficiently contribute to innovation to create new value chains for wood with high added value,’ says Kirjanen. He adds that the Estonian society benefits from a well-operating forest and wood industry, and that the wood industry is and will continue to be one of the flagships of Estonian economy.

‘I believe that a sustainable and modern forest and wood industry will ensure a self-sufficient country and allow us to pass down healthy and strong forests for the next generations,’ says Kirjanen.

The following people were elected into the management board of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association: Ando Jukk (Estonian Plywood AS), Ivar Dembovski (Rait AS), Jaak Nigul (Tarmeko Spoon AS), Jaan Kers (TalTech), Jaano Haidla (Graanul Invest AS), Jüri Külvik (Lemeks AS), Linnar Pärn (Estonian University of Life Sciences), Argo Aavik (Stora Enso Eesti AS), Mati Polli (founding member of the association), Margus Kohava (Combimill Sakala OÜ), Raul Kirjanen (Graanul Invest AS), Silver Rõõmussaar (UPM-Kymmene Otepää OÜ), Tiit Nilson (Woodwell AS), Tõnu Ehrpais (Viiratsi Saeveski AS), Mait Kaup (Warmeston OÜ), and Lauri Raid (Estonian Cell AS). 

The Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association, established in 1996, is a non-profit umbrella organisation for companies of the forest and wood industry. The association comprises 67 members, including four educational institutions providing professional education. The CEO of the association is Henrik Välja.

Raul Kirjanen